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We exalt God, tell of His salvation, and soften the hearts of the nonbelievers through song.

MIDWEEK REHEARSALS: January 16 @ 6:30 PM

SUNDAY MORNINGS: January 20 Call Time @ 8:15 AM


1. To see twenty five percent (125 per service) of the people in the congregation will be arriving early to assure they don’t miss worship.

2. During our sung presentations of the gospel, Christ will be revealed with such clarity that 25 people this year will make decisions for Christ.

3. As worship leaders, we will create a mature congregation of worshippers, so that people will not discuss the style of worship but rather the movement of the Holy Spirit

4. Our worship ministry will write original music for the congregation and produce a CD of our 5 most influential original songs.

5. We will see the congregation grow and give that a new worship center and music education center be built.