Our Philosophy

We seek to provide each child with the best opportunity to discover God’s love and His importance in their lives by offering experiences that will enhance his/her development mentally, physically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually in a nurturing, Christ-centered environment.

Our Objective

The Noah’s Nook staff will use the following objectives to provide a Christian environment which will enhance your child’s developmental process:

Spiritually – Grow in the knowledge of God as Creator, God’s love, and God’s care. Know that Jesus is God’s Son; feel that Jesus is a special friend; know ways Jesus helped people; want to be like Jesus. Understand the Bible is God’s Word through Bible stories and memory verses.
Mentally – Develop language skills through everyday activities that develop eager readiness for reading. Learn about people and the world around us. Learn to follow instructions, grow in creativity, and experience readiness activities that will lead to success in math, and develop reasoning, thinking, and problem-solving skills.
Physically – Develop large and small motor skills. Establish good health rules. Learn and follow simple rules of safety.
Emotionally – Build a healthy self-esteem and feeling of self-worth. Build mutual respect, trust, and love between children, teachers, and parents. Develop a love of learning through provision of daily activities that allow each child to experience success. Develop personal attributes of self-control, responsibility, initiative, and independence.
Socially – Grow in ability to work and play with others. Respect personal rights of others. Develop an attitude of kindness, cooperation, courtesy, and helpfulness. Experience a positive introduction to an educational environment.

Our Curriculum

Noah’s Nook will be using the Christian series Wee Learn with the one, two, and three-year-old 2-day classes. This series is Biblically based and age appropriate. These children will participate in Bible stories, memory verses, arts and crafts, motor skill activities, music, etc. Each level of instruction is based on thematic units that will also include pre-reading and pre-math, as well as teaching social skills and promoting self-esteem.

Our 3, 4 & 5-day program for our 2, 3, 4, and 5-year-old classes will be using the A Beka Christian curriculum. This is an academic curriculum strong in phonics and math. A Beka is a well established and highly respected curriculum used in many Christian schools in this country. By using this curriculum your child will receive a strong and enjoyable educational foundation.


CHAPEL: Two, Three, Four, and Five-year-olds will experience Bible stories, games, songs, and prayer in weekly Chapel. We incorporate character values such as Truth, Sharing, Forgiveness, and Responsibility during Chapel.

MUSIC and MOVEMENT: Instruction in rhythm, listening, and free musical expression will enable your child to be creative and spontaneous.

ART: All ages will benefit from this exciting time. Children will get to use their imagination and express themselves through their art projects.

Miscellaneous Information

Our Hours are 9:30am – 1:30pm. There are no extended hours.

We follow the Shelby County School System Calendar. Whenever the schools in Shelby County are out – we will be also. This applies to both scheduled holidays and weather days.

Our school year is September (day after Labor Day) through May.

We are a peanut free environment!

Our ratio’s – student to teacher is as follows:

Babies – 4 to 1
One’s – 5 to 1
Two’s – 8 to 1
Three’s – 14 to 1
Four’s – 14 to 1
Five’s – 16 to 1

We would LOVE to meet you and your child and have them attend Noah’s Nook! 
Please call us at 205.271.7728 or email abagwell@valleydale.org or scleveland@valleydale.org if you have any questions.